Why choose Duc as your personal Trainer?

Duc Long began Personal Training in 2005 in Marseille while still a teacher. As a French sports instructor and after receiving his American Personal Trainer certification, he has devoted himself entirely to sports coaching to combine both his passion for fitness as well as his desire to assist others in achieving their fitness and health goals.


For Duc, physical exercise is not just to work on the body but is above all a personal process of constructing an identity in terms of self-image, self-confidence and health as an investment in one’s own life. Building this mindset and contributing to the control of one’s life is Duc’s primary goal and motivation. It is a transcendent experience.


With over 10 years of training experience, his continued interest in the latest studies and research on health, fitness and nutrition contribute to his training and allows him to create, adapt and renew training programs. This constant search to advance and progress has allowed him to rigorously maintain two permanent objectives during each session: safety and efficiency.


His attention to detail, from watching each exercise, and each repetition to minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing results, Duc provides guidance on safe positions, which is crucial in preventing an injury or necessary in accommodating an existing injury. His tips will serve you every day.


Nutrition also remains a key factor both in terms of prevention, and in the foundation of health and fitness. In addition to enjoying the pleasure of healthy eating, Duc is certified by The Health Sciences Academy. He has an exceptional understanding of food and nutrition while growing up from a young age in the kitchen of his parent’s Vietnamese restaurant in Marseille, named ‘Duc Long’.


During the sessions, instructions and tips are not limited to properly executing a gesture but also explain the underlying reasons for the method and purpose of the exercise. This is so that you know exactly what you are doing and why.

His unique insight will serve to aid in your performance, ensure safety but will also provide additional motivation to continue to do so and excel. Nothing is more gratifying to Duc than contributing to the wellbeing of his clients. His passion for the field of health and fitness and thirst for sharing allows him an unparalleled edge in client coaching.


• Customized wellness programs and nutritional monitoring
• One-on-one nutritional counseling and personal guidance with food shopping
• In-home cooking coaching services for healthy, protective and lightweight recipes (cooking without oil, butter, or cream).


• Brevet Fédéral d’Éducateur Sportif
• NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
(National Council for Certified Personal Trainers)
• Nutritional Therapist Certification / The Health Sciences Academy
• CPR Certified/American Safety Training Institute
• Insured and Licensed